EcoQuip2 EQs Elite Vapor Abrasive Blasting

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Eco Quip _EQs Elite _0003

Truck-ready, high performance, industrial-grade abrasive blaster

Ideal applications for EcoQuip2 wet blasting:
• Blast Cleaning - Dirt, mold, paint and coatings
Graffiti Removal - Graffiti from building surfaces
Marine Maintenance - Barnacles, biofilm, corrosion and coatings
Restoration - Corrosion, grime, coatings and surface dirt
Surface Preparation - Use EcoQuip 2 to prepare steel surfaces to be free of grease, dirt, dust, mill scale, rust and paint

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Better than dry blasting
• Consumes far less media
• Saves on clean-up and disposal costs
• Quick and powerful alternative to dry blasting
• Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures
• Works on virtually any surface
• Won't damage substrates*
• Works with all job-appropriate media
• Effective in rain and high humidity

Better than slurry and traditional water-based blasting
• Uses far less media
• Uses far less water
• No toxic wastewater runoff**
• No large slurry mess to clean up
• Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures
• Effective in virtually any application environment

*When blasting with recommended media at appropriate pressure

** Assumes blasting without hazardous media or target surface. If hazardous materials are involved, more PPE may be needed and containment or clean-up may be required.


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