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Reciprocating air compressors for sale throughout Florida


Ring Power supplies Florida with reciprocating air compressors made by Belaire and Champion-both provide performance and reliability. Oil-lubricated reciprocating air compressor, from 1.5-35 HP, are suitable for industrial applications like auto repair shops, refineries, dry cleaners, and other services.


The Reciprocating Advantage


The most common type of air compressor on the market is the rotary screw compressor. This is, of course, a system of locking screws together to compress the air, while these are great systems, they are intended for jobs that require high horsepower from 30 and above.

Reciprocating Air Compressors are a piston-based system. The highest efficiency compressors for the smaller jobs (30 hp or less.) These are incredibly efficient and continuous push out air while also tolerating higher climate and environmental changes.


Our Reciprocating Air Compressors


We currently offer two brands of Reciprocators: BelAire and Champion. 

BelAire: The Belaire compressors are always factory tested and followed that process p with a two-year warranty that covers every asset of your air compressor. 

You can read more about the BelAire Specifications Here.

Champion: "At Champion, air compressor systems are our only products. We know and understand the application of our products in many different operating environments. Our goal is to provide you with the compressors that fulfill - and exceed - your expectations and requirements."

You can read more about the Champion Specifications Here.


Ring Power Compressed Air 


Ring Power has been operating in Florida for several years and in that time has supplied countless businesses and average joes with the products they need to get the job done. If you would like to know more about our extensive range of products or are unsure about which air compressor system works best for you, give us a call today!


We have the following reciprocating air compressors for sale:

BelAire 4.5-20 hp Specs
Champion 1.5-35 hp Specs

Call or email to recieve a reciprocating air compressor quote.


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