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Adding a water separator and compressed air dryer will greatly improve the quality of air produced from your air compressor and compressed air system and increase the life of your machine.

Water/Oil Separator

Sullair's OS Series of air compressor oil/water separators offer a sound method of removing and dispoing of oil-contaminated compressor condensate. Sullair water separators easily install on-site and assure clean discharge water and compliance with environtmental laws. Easy to install, operate and maintain.

Air Dryers

Because water jeopardizes everything you want a compressed air system to do, the addition of an compressed air dryer will improve the quality of air and add life to your air compressor. Water ruins product and fouls precesses with dirt, wear particles, bacteria and lubricating fluid.

Filtration, Drains & Mist Eliminators

Air compressor filters are critical to the health and longevity of your compressed air system. Designed to remove oil, particulates and other contaminants to ensure higher quality air from your compressed air system.

We have the following air compressor dryers, filters, and water separators for sale:

Sullair Oil/Water Separators 88-2100 CFM 232 PSI Water separators Specs
Sullair SR Series 5-3000 CFM 174-232 PSI Refrigerated air dryer Specs
Sullair SRC Series 150-1000 CFM 203 PSI Refrigerated cycling dryer Specs
Sullair SRV Series 250-2400 CFM 174 PSI Refrigerated variable speed dryer Specs
Sullair SRHT Series 5-100 CFM 232 PSI Refrigerated high temperature air dryers Specs
Sullair SRHP Series 100-1800 CFM 725 PSI Refrigerated high pressure air dryers Specs
Sullair SD Series 100-3400 CFM 140 PSI Desiccant dryers Specs
Sullair SDE Series 400-3500 CFM 140 PSI Heat reactive desiccant dryers Specs
Sullair SDB Series 1200-12000 CFM 140 PSI Blower purge desiccant dryers Specs
Sullair SM Series 3-1650 CFM 232 PSI Modular heatless regenerative dryers Specs
Sullair SMC Series 3-20 CFM 174 PSI Modular contaminant
removal desiccant dryers
Sullair Filters 13-16500 CFM 725 PSI Oil & particulate contaminant
Sullair Mist Eliminators 150-4200 CFM 260 PSI Oil-mist removal system Specs
Sullair Condensate Drains 3600 CFM 230 PSI Models include Ulta, Maxi and Mini Specs


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