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Portable Electric Air Compressor

Introducing the E1035H—the next generation of Sullair's portable air compressors, designed to replace the TSR-20 and offer a more environmentally-friendly option. Featuring Electronic Spiral Valve Technology and fully electric operation, this electric portable air compressor not only saves on fuel costs, but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Sullair's Electric Spiral Valve Technology allows for compressor displacement to be matched to demand, enabling efficient management of compressed air production in various conditions, resulting in up to 60% turndown. This technology provides increased control over air output, particularly in varying load conditions.

Equipped with the 26-Series Sullair Air End, the E1035H boasts a variable capacity air end with specially engineered bypass ports along the length of the air end casting. Compression volume is adjusted to suit air demand by progressively opening or closing these bypass ports via a rotating spiral valve.

The same reliability, durability, and performance Sullair is known for—now in an electric package.

sullair electric portable air compressor e1035h

The Next Era of Green Solutions

The aim of this compact and durable design is to provide effortless operation and maintenance. The Sullair E1035H includes features such as: a single access point for operation, multiple service doors for convenient servicing and maintenance, patent-pending swingout coolers and condensate burnoff, with a 110% containment frame—all of which contribute to enhancing safety and productivity at your worksite.

sullair e1035h ring power fully electric

• 460V - 60Hz, 3 Phase

• Powered by a 250hp TEFC motor

• Electric Spiral Valve Technology

• Can safely operate inside and outside

• Reduces CO2 emissisons

*NOT battery operated and requires a 460V, 3 Phase supply to operate

Industry-Leading Efficiency and sustainability

The E1035H sets a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in portable compressed air solutions. By reducing emissions and energy consumption, this electric air compressor helps businesses meet stringent environmental regulations while lowering their carbon footprint. With its low noise emissions and vibration levels, the E1035H creates a safer and more comfortable work environment for operators, further enhancing its appeal especially in noise-sensitive applications.

Moreover, the E1035H's electric drive system offers unparalleled reliability and durability, with fewer moving parts and reduced maintenance requirements compared to traditional diesel compressors. This translates to lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment over the lifespan of the equipment, making the E1035H a smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations for long-term success.

The E1035H electric portable air compressor represents a paradigm shift in the world of compressed air technology. With its unmatched performance, efficiency, and sustainability, the E1035H is redefining the standards for portable compressed air solutions. From its innovative electric drive system to its advanced control features and rugged construction, every aspect of this machine is engineered to deliver maximum value to businesses across industries. Experience the future of compressed air with the E1035H and unlock new levels of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in your operations.