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Recip Air Compressors

Ring Power supplies Florida with reciprocating air compressors made by Belaire and Champion-both provide performance and reliability. Oil-lubricated reciprocating air compressor, from 1.5-35 HP, are suitable for industrial applications like auto repair shops, refineries, dry cleaners, and other services.

Reciprocating Air Compressors are a piston-based system. The highest efficiency compressors for the smaller jobs (30 hp or less.) These are incredibly efficient and continuous push out air while also tolerating higher climate and environmental changes.


4.5-20 hp


1.5-35 hp

Common Applications of Piston Air Compressors

Auto Repair Shops: These compressors provide reliable air for powering pneumatic tools, spray painting, and other shop equipment.

Refineries: They are used in processes requiring consistent and high-pressure air supply.

Dry Cleaners: Compressors are essential for operating cleaning machines and other equipment.

General Industrial Services: From manufacturing plants to small workshops, air recips provide the necessary air power for various tasks.

Our Manufacturers

Ring Power is the trusted partner of choice for our suppliers and we strive to deliver world-class representation of their products.

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