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Rent a Portable Diesel Compressor (185 – 1800 CFM) or Electric Compressor (149 – 1600 CFM)

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Reliable portable diesel air compressors, perfect for construction applications, in sizes ranging from 125-1900 CFM, 80-200 PSI, are available from Ring Power. Our portable air compressors are aftercooled & filtered "Instrument Quality Air" to 0.01 micron rating.

Ring Power carries new and used Sullair industrial electric air compressors in sizes ranging from 5-500 HP and 43-3000 CFM and 100-175 PSI, oil-flooded and oil-free. We supply the following energy efficient industrial rotary screw air compressors:

• Encapsulated Air Compressors

• Rotary Screw Electric Air Compressors

• Variable Capacity Compressors

• Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems

• Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors

• Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

• Two-Stage High Performance Electric Compressors

Sullair dual performance open frame and high pressure air compressors are designed for total accessibility and reliability.

Air Compressor Boosters increase the air compressor's pressure even further to achieve extremely high air pressures, up to 2400 CFM and 1,000 PSI. Our air boosters are sold in a variety of configurations, either open air, enclosed or skid mounted.