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Air Over the Fence

By leveraging rental air as a utility you experience all the benefits of owning your compressed air system with none of the responsibility.

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Choosing Air as a Utility

Capital funds are frequently insufficient to cover the cost of optimizing the compressed air system. Ring Power AOF financing structure can include equipment, modular buildings, ancillary equipment, utilities and more.

Air Over the Fence is locked in at the same annual operational cost over the term of the agreement. Service and repair costs are covered by Ring Power so there are no surprise expenses due to the compressed air system.

Maximum energy savings requires multiple ongoing strategies—Ring Power AOF provides the expertise to deliver optimal savings year after year and the ability to adjust with your business.

Unreliable and poor-quality air can lead to costly disruptions and work stoppages. Ring Power delivers clean dry air, guaranteed*—this not only keeps up production, but also frees up your staff to focus on your business instead of compressed air equipment.

What is Air Over the Fence

The concept of "Air Over the Fence" and its transformative impact on businesses, reframing compressed air as a utility akin to electricity or water—seamlessly delivered to meet diverse operational needs.

The Benefits of Air Rental

Discover the strategic advantages of Ring Power's air rental service known as Air Over the Fence—enabling businesses to scale their pneumatic capabilities on-demand, optimize resource allocation, and mitigate risk without incurring prohibitive costs or logistical constraints.

The collaborative potential of Air Over the Fence unlocks unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability in your operations while driving continuous improvement and foster a culture of excellence across industries. Experience the transformative power of treating compressed air as a utility and chart a course towards operational excellence in the modern industrial landscape.

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