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Reliable Portable Diesel Air Compressors

At Ring Power Air Compressor Group, we offer an extensive range of portable diesel air compressors designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Our inventory features top models from renowned manufacturers like Sullair and Atlas Copco, ensuring superior performance, reliability, and efficiency. Whether you're in construction, mining, or any other sector requiring robust, mobile air compression, we have the perfect portable air compressor for sale.

sullair portable diesel air compressors
sullair 185 portable diesel air compressor


185 CFM | 80-125 PSI

sullair 375 portable diesel air compressor


375 CFM | 150 PSI

sullair 400HH portable diesel air compressor


400 CFM | 200 PSI

sullair 425H portable diesel air compressor


425 CFM | 150 PSI

sullair 800/900 portable diesel air compressor

800-900 CFM | 200-150 PSI

sullair 920/1100 portable diesel air compressor


920-1100 CFM | 150-100 PSI

sullair 900/1150 portable diesel air compressor

900-1150 CFM | 300-500 PSI

sullair 1600H portable diesel air compressor


1600 CFM | 150 PSI

sullair OFD1550 portable diesel air compressor


1500 CFM | 125 PSI

atlas copco portable
atlas copco xas 188 portable diesel air compressor, mobile air compressors

188 CFM | 100 PSI

atlas copco xavs 400 portable diesel air compressor

XAVS 400

400 CFM | 200 PSI

atlas copco xas 950 portable air compressor for sale

XAS 950

950 CFM | 100 PSI

atlas copco xrvs 1000 portable diesel air compressor

XRVS 1000 CD6

980 CFM | 365 PSI

atlas copco xrvs 1550 portable diesel air compressor

XRVS 1550 CD7

1550 CFM | 365 PSI

atlas copco xas 1800 portable diesel air compressor

XAS 1800

1800 CFM | 100 PSI

Sullair Certified Reman

sullair certified reman

Learn about Sullair's factory-authorized remanufacturing program and the models available. »

sullair remanufactured air compressors

Benefits of Portable Air Compressors

Portable diesel air compressors are invaluable for applications requiring mobility and power. These compressors are engineered to deliver high performance in remote locations and challenging environments. Key benefits include:

Mobility: Easily transportable to different job sites, these compressors offer the flexibility needed for dynamic projects.

Power and Efficiency: Diesel engines provide robust power, ensuring efficient operation even in demanding conditions.

Durability: Built to withstand harsh environments, these compressors offer reliable performance over long periods.

Quality & Compliance

Our portable diesel air compressors are Tier 4 compliant, meeting the latest environmental and operational standards. They are equipped with aftercoolers and filters to deliver "Instrument Quality Air" with a 0.01 micron rating, ensuring clean and dry air for your applications.

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